Down but definitely NOT out!

Okay so it is a brand new day and one of the many great lessons I have learned from Dr Tim on Excess Baggage is to not go down for the count but to fight on, [more]

Down but definitely NOT out! Down but definitely NOT out!

What I like about Darryn Lyons

Darryn Lyons the epicenter of one of the worst and best few weeks of my life. And you will have to watch the show, weeknights at 7pm to see it play out, but for now... [more]

What I like about Darryn Lyons What I like about Darryn Lyons

2012 in 2012

Fitness challenge - tell me your plan to complete 2012 kilometers of exercise in 2012 and you could win a brand new polar watch heart rate monitor! [more]

2012 in 2012 2012 in 2012

Cover (up) Girl!

“Oh wow some random celebrity has the very same bikini as me”. I can’t see the face of the alleged celebrity cause there is a big box across their face,  [more]

Cover (up) Girl! Cover (up) Girl!

It’s time to cut the crap!

Okay so it’s a new year and I am very excited. Someone sent me this clip of Excess Baggage and I loved it. So funny! Having been a part of Biggest Loser [more]

It’s time to cut the crap! It’s time to cut the crap!

Go Fund Yourself! Go Fund your mother! Go Fund ME!

They say one door closes and another opens and I am a firm believer of following the energy. I will never stop fighting for equality for all people but now perhaps it is time to turn my attention to my other great passion – anti bullying and a project I have been working on and…

Lazy, genius or just downright nasty?

This little gem that just popped up on Twitter feed this morning. Jen Widerstrom, my all time favorite coach from Biggest Loser USA, who I have written a multitude of wonderful articles about tweeted this today. This was my response: None of us know this woman’s story. You question if it’s genius but we really…

Dropped from DropThePlus

Really disappointed in Stefania Ferrario….when ‪#‎droptheplus‬ started she was an unknown model who happened to stand up for me when I shouted out about a certain Aussie model being called plus sized and how that affects real plus sized women and/or distorts the self images of those struggling with eating and body dysmorphia disorders. She…

Curve Appeal

I have been body shamed my entire life…..not just by the world in general but my myself as well. I’ve given myself a harder time than anyone else about my body and what I find ironic is, even though I’m currently bigger than I would ever have previously allowed myself to be without feeling a…

WHY #DropThePlus

I have never shared anyone else’s blog post on my own blog before and I am sure there is a fancier way of doing this but I also had no idea of how far and wide a simple hashtag could reach (#droptheplus) so please excuse as I catch up with technology…there is NO team…it is…

Weight haters

In scrolling through the #droptheplus I am saddened to see some people make this a Healthy vs Skinny or a Fat girl v Thin girl debate with sad and bitchy comments from women telling thin women or “skinny bitches” to mind their own business. First of all, the minute you use the term “skinny bitches”…

One woman two views

So many great conversations are starting from #droptheplus. I certainly don’t expect nor demand that everyone agree with my world view of the use of the word “plus” and it is great to see just how many differing opinions there are on the subject matter. And of course, it’s a wide spread discussion from whether…

Drop The Plus – in my own words

A month ago I had a rather, um, dramatic outburst on Instagram about a beautiful young model who, to me, looked healthy and if anything, really quite fit, but was referred to as a “plus sized” model. I voiced my opinion that it was crazy and dangerous to refer to her that way, and after…

Hater’s don’t need to hate

        (Please excuse glitch that has paragraphs running together..I can’t seem to fix it for now) A few days ago someone posted a link to my Facebook of an article published in Australia and subsequently online. It was titled “50 Australians we love to hate.” It was “supported” by quotes from Fiona…

Fashion Forward Life Backward

I was about to sit down and write about Dolce & Gabbana-gate when I stumbled upon a friend’s facebook post. It was simple and thoughtful and said everything I wanted to say only better than how I may have said it. So here it is: “The chances of me owning anything by Dolce & Gabbana…