Down but definitely NOT out!

Okay so it is a brand new day and one of the many great lessons I have learned from Dr Tim on Excess Baggage is to not go down for the count but to fight on, [more]

Down but definitely NOT out! Down but definitely NOT out!

What I like about Darryn Lyons

Darryn Lyons the epicenter of one of the worst and best few weeks of my life. And you will have to watch the show, weeknights at 7pm to see it play out, but for now... [more]

What I like about Darryn Lyons What I like about Darryn Lyons

2012 in 2012

Fitness challenge - tell me your plan to complete 2012 kilometers of exercise in 2012 and you could win a brand new polar watch heart rate monitor! [more]

2012 in 2012 2012 in 2012

Cover (up) Girl!

“Oh wow some random celebrity has the very same bikini as me”. I can’t see the face of the alleged celebrity cause there is a big box across their face,  [more]

Cover (up) Girl! Cover (up) Girl!

It’s time to cut the crap!

Okay so it’s a new year and I am very excited. Someone sent me this clip of Excess Baggage and I loved it. So funny! Having been a part of Biggest Loser [more]

It’s time to cut the crap! It’s time to cut the crap!

Rising to new heights

While most people are content to make new year resolutions like losing ten pounds, fitting into their skinny jeans or for the slightly braver among us, finally running a marathon, I have set my sights on a slightly more ambitious project – losing another 20 kilos and celebrating on top of Mt Kilimanjaro – the…

Move over Tracy Anderson? Hell yeah!

So much to catch up on. But first I want to weigh in on what will no doubt garner some publicity with varying degrees of support on the subject and I have to say a big thank you to the Daily Mail UK for not making a mockery of my offer to help others. Recently…

What’s MY excuse?

A Sacramento mom is creating a storm by sharing a scantily clad photo of herself surrounded by her three young boys, asking the world what their “excuse” is. The first question I pose is, excuse for what? Not wearing a sexy two-piece and sharing it with the world? Not having three seemingly “perfect” children? Or…

Bullies blows can hurt for years

It was announced on Friday live on Kyle and Jackie O’s 2DayFm breakfast radio show that I am signing on to do their extremely popular and previously successful #FatBet where I have taken on the ambitious project of losing 20 kilos in 10 weeks. But that’s not what this post is about. Rather it is…

Silence that Voice

I joined my gym a few months ago and didn’t go to a single class for weeks. Lately I’ve dragged myself there to do Zumba or get on the cross trainer but without a personal trainer I am really missing that huge calorie burn you need for sustainable weight loss. So today I decided to…

Abs-olutely doing my best

Sink or Swim

Losing weight is so much more than counting calories and spending time on a treadmill. It’s about doing things you have never done before, trying new foods, new exercises, meeting new people, pushing yourself further than you ever thought possible and reminding yourself of your courage and strength to do so. People always tweet me…

Water Ballet at its best….or worst

First week at The Clinic and I lost 7 pounds…….yay me but kinda disappointing because the people around me lost as much as 17 pounds in one week but that’s the joy of an under active thyroid I guess…..Anyway, powered on and the next class was water based….which my painful planter fasciitis was very thankful…

Judge Judy Flash Mob

Well, there is nothing so boring as counting calories and spending hours on the elliptical…………….but weight loss and getting fit does not have to be that bad. I’ve learnt that making it FUN is the easiest way to make those changes because it doesn’t FEEL like you are burning calories…your mind is not on how…

Another day…..another killer workout