Only God can judge me

I read a great quote as I was going to bed last night “Tomorrow is a new day & I will go into it thinking this: Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

This morning I read over the many comments on Twitter and more importantly my Facebook page, blog and the thousands of emails I got (I will get back to you all), where people shared their thoughts and feelings more in depth about what went down yesterday and having slept on it I still feel as strongly as I did, especially after Adro later tagged me in a photo that said “Success is the best revenge”.

Let me tell you something I know all too well: Success is not solely measured by the size of your thighs, nor will my success be measured at any time in my life other than after my final breath and when I meet my maker. Only then will I happily and willingly allow myself to be judged by the only one who has the right to do so. You Adro, have no right to do so and only goes to prove the point I made yesterday about you trying to make yourself feel superior and others feel inferior and for more info on what constitutes cyberbullying you can check out my anti bullying page The very reason I spoke up in the first place was to make you see that words hurt and while you are in the business of supposedly helping people heal their lives, you might want to consider the impact of such hateful judgement of others who are struggling.

Overweight people are constantly told they are worthless, unworthy, unloved, teased, cajoled, bullied and shamed into believing they are second class citizens. And let me clarify: Obesity can kill you, no one chooses to be obese, but like so many people who shared their stories with me yesterday, sometimes sh*t happens and you slip up. That’s okay. Life is never perfect and anyone who tells you it is, is lying to you.

What is important is that you pick yourself up and keep going, remembering how awesome and powerful you are regardless of your weight, shape and size. Don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy, not even for a second. Wake up to a new day and KNOW that anything is possible and while people in “the business” will try to tell you that you are powerless, unsuccessful, a failure and a “loser”, know that you are NOT. You are a beautiful, capable, loving human being worthy of love and respect, and while you may have lost your way, you CAN and WILL find your way back and you don’t need to pay ANYONE $17,000 to do it.

I fight the fight every single day. My journey will prove that you can be knocked down, kicked around and still rise from the ashes. My story is far from finished and my life is not yet over, thank you God for that daily blessing, and while I have breath in my body and spring in my step I will wake daily, RISE up and remember that I was put on this earth to be ME – the beautiful, lovable, flawed, honest, heartfelt, passionate, purpose driven woman who wants nothing more than to inspire others to keep fighting for themselves no matter who tries to make you feel small.

That is all. Have a blessed day people and know that you are all truly beautiful.


3 Responses to Only God can judge me
    November 26, 2012 | 7:01 am

    @ajayrochester you will never be inferior! X

  2. BlossHeartBlog
    November 26, 2012 | 3:11 pm

    Good on you Ajay!! Stay strong xx

  3. JulianEagles
    November 26, 2012 | 7:33 pm

    I’ve been following this exchange between you guys all weekend.  Its sad that this guy chose to bully you in such a disgraceful way. Strength comes not from judgement of others but from grace and forgiveness. You are worthy and he has no power to say otherwise. The ego often hurts, in this guy’s case it’s because it has something incredibly wrong with it. It is always drawing attention to itself, making us worry how we look and how we are treated. People sometimes say their feelings are hurt, but our feelings can’t be hurt. It is the ego that hurts – our sense of self and our identity. This is a very empty view of life.  Remember you are loved by God and only God can judge you. No man (nor woman for that matter) can judge you.

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