Is my Honey Boo Boo skit a bullying Boo Boo?

When I made my Honey Boo Boo video I knew SOME people would send me messages saying “You are bullying that person.” I hear what you are saying but have commented on this kind of issue before. I believe there is a clear distinction between comedy/social commentary/reviews/opinions and BULLYING. If we don’t create a guideline for people to live by then we will have total censorship and that will never happen, nor do I think it should. I don’t even think newsreader Jennifer Livingstone was bullied. I believe the person who sent the email was cruel, rude, discriminating and shallow but one email of an opinion based subject matter does NOT constitute bullying.

I have been fat bashed by magazines for years over my weight – I hate it, I also think it is wrong to judge me by my weight but in a lot instances it is not bullying. It is the dirty secret anonymous messages sent over and over again that have a distinctive, nasty, threatening edge that fall into the bullying category, and I have had my fair share of those over the years. But if a comedian does a parody of me then chances are I will be the first to retweet it. If a magazine writes nasty fat bashing articles then I will reply on my blog and twitter and think less of them for judging and discriminating against me simply based on my body but once again, is it really bullying? I think we have to be very careful about bandying this word about because then it will have no relevance when it comes to hearing the cries for help we really need to hear.

And for the record, the official Honey Boo Boo fan page is running an official comedy Honey Boo Boo Halloween costume contest and the mother has gone on record saying she loves that people are having fun while they set up college funds for their kids.

On top of that if we were to define comedy as bullying then all of Saturday Night Live, South Park, every single comedy film ever made, tv shows, radio etc would be off the air in a second. I made a casual Tweet about James Patterson’s book ZOO not being as good as his others and someone threw the “bully” line at me. And Jamie Kennedy, whose weekend job is to comment (good and bad) on all things celebrity on his weekend job on E! had a real go at me, calling me a bully and a hypocrite for making funny Oh Sit! puns on Twitter when his co star invited people to do so and the entire show is written with that very intentional play on words.

We need to lighten up and use this word/platform/agenda for the right reasons and not cry wolf the second someone says anything even remotely tongue in cheek. Honey Boo Boo is HOT right now. She is a Social Media tornado that will reap countless of long term benefits for her and her family – millions of dollars in fact, and what we love about them is unlike the Kardashians, these people LOVE that people embrace them for all that they are, good, bad and indifferent and in many ways are much more refreshing than the scripted Kardashians who have taken the reality out of reality tv faster than a hooker takes a twenty from a John.

My video is done in good fun. I use catchphrases that the characters actually use or lines they have previously said with a few harmless one liners in for good luck. I studied multiple episodes to gather material and it is done in good fun – not in attempt to make that girl feel bad, or her mom or any family member and I think that if Boo Boo or her mum saw this they would likely have a good ole belly laugh and be proud that they are keeping it real and inspiring others to enjoy who they are, whatever it is they are that makes it so compelling as the phenomenon they are. Let me tell you, I would rather watch Sugar Bear fart than Kim K decide which of her disgustingly self indulgent pairs of designer shoes she was going to get rid of in order to no doubt buy more with money that could save countless of kids from hunger or child abuse.

Yes I am running an anti bullying channel….and that channel there will be inspiring funny entertaining empowered messages for kids to deal with REAL and seriously life threatening bullying- repeated attacks online and off, threats, rumours, hate, which we aim to combat with creative content with an intention to define exactly what is bullying, celebrity testimonials to help lead others out of the darkness of being alone and bullied, expert hints and tips on how to NOT bully and how to survive it etc. I’m running this channel (with my co founder) and I have NO desire to stop people from doing comedy/being creative or having an opinion (good or bad) on whatever it is we are talking about around the water-cooler. Stamping out comedy/commentary/opinion because it might fall under the label of bullying is like burning books to keep minds pure. It won’t work and simply dilutes the strength of the real message of how hurtful THREATS and threatening behaviors can cost lives. As far as I know comedy and parody has not yet killed anyone and I hope it never does.

And while I work on my unpaid job of trying to save kids lives I will also continue to live my life as I have, having fun, following my heart, using my talents and my voice, having an opinion, doing comedy, writing my blog and being ME. I will not suddenly become a perfect princess who only ever says the sun is shining even when it is not. Because that wouldn’t be real and it wouldn’t be me. I have never claimed to be perfect but this video is done in good fun and if you think I’m bullying then I’m sorry I don’t agree.

Thank you for your time and if you would like to see where we are at with our anti bullying channel then go to

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