Judge Judy Flash Mob

Well, there is nothing so boring as counting calories and spending hours on the elliptical…………….but weight loss and getting fit does not have to be that bad. I’ve learnt that making it FUN is the easiest way to make those changes because it doesn’t FEEL like you are burning calories…your mind is not on how bad you look or how crap you feel..hauling your oversized ass everywhere…but instead you just live, love, have fun AND get fitter without even thinking about it.

Welcome to Flash Mobs 101. Most bucket lists include: “Take part in a Flash Mob” and lucky for me that’s even easier in Los Angeles, home of Flash Mob America, the BEST Flash Mob company in the world. No jokes! I did my first one for them over a year ago and I was HOOKED! A half day of rehearsals and day of performance and the little girl who grew up loving to dance was well and truly alive inside of me.

So when an opportunity came up to do a Flash Mob for Judge Judy (one of the HIGHEST paid personalities on TV) there was NO way I was going to say no. What I love about Judge Judy, other than her “Don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining” way of telling it how it is…..is that she didn’t “make it” in Hollywood until she was 50 years old…PROVING PROVING PROVING that you are NEVER too old and you never ever know when you will make it so never ever ever give up!

Anyway, here is the behind the scenes video…(okay I am no Tarantino but you get the drift)….and then it is followed by the official dance……

Enjoy…….. oh and if you are looking for me…I am here…..

Judge Judy me

……..and now for the much more professionally shot version:

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