Down but definitely NOT out!

Okay so it is a brand new day and one of the many great lessons I have learned from Dr Tim on Excess Baggage is to not go down for the count but to fight on, getting stronger every day, and with each day there is an opportunity to succeed in more ways than just one.

The last couple of days were definitely filled with right and left hooks coupled with a few blows below the belt from people with nothing better to do with their time than send hate but the great and liberating moment is this: I have learnt to brush it off with a strength I never thought I would ever have and that I am also surrounded by a lot of people who not only genuinely care but who look to me for inspiration and in doing so, remind me that this “game” is for life and for me, it has just begun and will never ever end, regardless of business decisions that may or may not suit me and the people I work with. Let me make myself clear: with or without this TV show I intend to take these lessons into my life and flourish as living proof that it is never too late to heal your life!

I don’t care if papers misquote me, if you want the truth then come to my twitter, my blog or call me direct. I don’t care if nasty ill informed pigs tweet poisonous messages (they can waste their day doing that cause I am not going to waste a single precious second of my life responding) and thanks to Christian my trainer, I will take those knocks on the chin boldly and unafraid, however they may come, and I WILL rise up to fight again and again and again. Never ever ever give up! Leave no doubt!

My partner (on TV) Matt Palmer and I simply picked ourselves up today and walked 4.4km (8.8km roundtrip) to the gym, ate a healthy lunch and dinner together and have focused on our new healthy, happy lives outside of this show, whenever that may come. I am learning to be grateful for what I have versus what I don’t and even though we may have moved channels, no-one, I repeat NO-ONE can take away the lessons I have learnt on this incredible life changing show.

I have learnt that I am smarter, stronger, braver and more determined than I give myself credit for. I have learnt, thanks to Dr Jo, finally once and for all that “DIET” can mean a lot more than just input versus output. I have learnt to leave the demons behind, to fight with pride, to NOT listen to the voices inside and outside my head.  I have learnt that I have many beautiful qualities that I should focus even more on and leave behind the past. I have learnt to believe that anything is possible and to never ever give up before I have even started something.  I have learnt that there are beautiful people who love me and there are those who never will and to whom I should care less about.

And so, I hope that people do follow us to GO weeknights at 6.30pm. I hope that people walk our walk and talk our talk, and prove everyone else wrong. Stranger things have happened and we may well just surprise everyone. I hope that people realize that locking starving fat people in a room might be “riveting TV” but does not, cannot and will not heal anyone’s life. I hope that people watch, listen and learn the lessons we have worked so hard to take on and that they too live better lives simply because of the blood, sweat and tears we have put in to do that to ours. We have transformed inside and out and you may well be surprised by the results!

Come with us. I’m not going to give up and I hope you won’t too!

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