Ajay’s Books

Confessions of a Reformed Dieter
– Released 2004

“I love food. Even worse, I love junk food. If lard could be double deep-fried I would eat it. If I could deep-fry headache pills I would. So it’s no wonder I’m now the size of a small yet economically viable continent…’When A. J. Rochester is selected to feature in a television series on obesity, she is at first appalled and then resolved. At 109 kilos (17 stone), she knows she needs to lose weight – not because she yearns to become a twiglet but so she can keep up with her little boy and turn her life around at last. But after years of fighting a losing battle with the flab, Ajay. knows she needs a miracle. So she decides to ditch the ‘quick-fix’ diets and the faddy exercise equipment and try a new approach – one that involves discovering her own inner strengths. It may not be easy – but it pays off. Confessions of a Reformed Dieter charts the highs, lows and plateaus of A. J.’s incredible journey, from overcoming an early setback – waking up in hospital with a broken leg after a drunken binge – to the triumph of shedding the first, and last, kilo.”

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Blubber Guts 
– Released 2004

“This humorous, light-hearted series features topics that are engaging for young students. Contributors to the series are all well-known Australian authors and illustrators skilled at producing stories for young, confident readers. There are many other titles available in the series. Billy, nicknamed Blubberguts because he is so over weight, is always one of the last to be chosen to play on the school soccer team. However, everything changes when his friend Johnny discovers that Billy is an excellent goalie.

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Losing Wieght and Getting Fit – Released 2006

“AJ Rochester has always been a lazy girl. She knows how hard it is to lose weight and exercise, and keep inspired about it to boot, especially when she’d much rather curl up with some chippies and watch Carson on Queer Eye. After losing a staggering 45 kilos, and writing about it in her bestselling CONFESSIONS OF A REFORMED DIETER, hundreds of desperate women wanted to know how she did it. Now in paperback – THE LAZY GIRL’S GUIDE TO LOSING WEIGHT AND GETTING FIT is a simple, step-by-step program and details the nuts and bolts of how AJ lost weight – and continues to help others to do. There s no starvation, no low carb torture, and no weights and measures – AJ focuses on achievable goals, having fun and loving yourself while you make the biggest changes in your life. Lazy girls will love AJ s insights on: * getting started * the basics and what, how much and when to eat * the serious issue of emotional eating and how to combat it * popular diets and why they don’t work * fine-tuning your new lifestyle * living a normal life and keeping on track * getting off the weight loss plateau * fit kids, not fat kids * stepping outside your comfort zone with exercise * a 4-week eating plan and 12-week exercise guide * food diary * Q & A and recipes.”

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Five Minute Diet Book – Released 2010

“Ajay Rochester has gone from fat girl to golden girl – losing the equivalent of two whole people in weight, gracing Australia’s screens as host of The Biggest Loser, and becoming a beloved ambassador for healthy living around the world. 

In 5-Minute Diet Book Ajay shares the weight loss industry’s biggest hidden truth: that anyone can lose weight, get healthy and learn to love themselves, without gimmicks or tablets. All it takes is 5 minutes a day to create healthy habits for life! 

Chapters include Ajay’s personal anecdotes, practical exercises and motivational tips. You can have your cake and eat it too! “

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F0od You Love That Won’t Make You Fat – Released 2011

“This book is a companion for a healthier, happier life with foods you love that won’t make you fat, ones you can live and enjoy without breaking your ‘calorie bank’ or have you on the heart transplant list. There are recipes for breakfasts, lunches, afternoon snacks, main meals, salads, sweets, treats and party food.

There are some great recipes here that turn old favourites, such as roast dinners, into healthier options – as well as suggested life changes that help you reach your weight and health goals.”


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