About Ajay

How do you go from this……………

This is me eleven years ago

This is me eleven years ago

to this……………..

WITHOUT going on a “diet”?

THIS woman has the secret and she is telling the world!

Imagine this: you are estranged from your adoptive mother after a childhood peppered with emotional and physical abuse. After years of tireless searching you are joyfully reunited with your birth mother, only to lose her within months to a tragic and unexpected death.

To top it all you find yourself a single mum to a boisterous and beguiling son whose
Asperger’s Syndrome goes undiagnosed for the first five years of his life despite your
best efforts.

You’re obese, you’re alone and you’re running out of options to create the extraordinary life you want to be able to give your son, complete with all the love, security and opportunity you never had.

What do you do?

Well if your name is Ajay Rochester, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and shed halfyour body weight. You keep a brave, bold and beautifully human diary of your weight-loss lessons and transform over 300 pounds of depression, eating disorders and damaging yo-yo diets into a story of such courage, determination and success against all odds that your first book Confessions of a Reformed Dieter flies off the shelves and is nominated for Most Inspirational Talking Book of the Year alongside Dr Phil.

You become a role model for women everywhere struggling with obesity, wellbeing and self-esteem issues. You write 4 more books on health and wellness,  establish a thriving member-driven online community and support network called Healthy Body Club, write regular columns for popular magazines, including FitPerez, tour the country on the speakers circuit inspiring others to transform their lives, accept channel 10’s invitation to host their flagship television show, THE BIGGEST LOSER for 4 years…

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while still finding time to walk the Great Wall of China for charity with none other than Olivia Newton John and lavish your son with all the special care and attention he needs. Phew!

And if all that sounds impressive, you’ll be blown away by the fact that as far as Ajay’s
concerned, she’s only just getting into her stride! With 2 brand new books on the way and now writing for Diet.com, Autism Speaks and Perez Hilton Ajay is making her way in the USA as a passionate advocate for self love and transformation,walking the walk and talking the talk herself. But what really makes this chick such a stand-out is her ability to remain grounded, relatable and honest, no matter what. Through inviting early readers of her books to contact her

by email and replying personally to as many as possible, Ajay inspired a thriving online
community which has blossomed into the internationally populated FREE online support
network Healthy Body Club with the philosophy to help as many women as
possible to heal their lives whilst helping others do the same.

Ajay is a vocal advocate of positive body images for women and cares passionately about
the women whose lives are interwoven with her own through the highs and lows of shared
experience of creating Healthy Body Club, she says: “It is a unique space filled with REAL women all working towards and achieving their goals.  If you’re having a bad day, log in to find instant inspiration. If having a great day, share it and let us be motivated by your success. Heathy Body Club is women empowering women to be the very best they can be.”

Ajay continues to support, inspire, motivate and educate many through her public speaking, her books, her blogs, her ongoing charity work and her one one one coaching.

Stay tuned for this meteoric star to rise even higher than she already has.