Down but definitely NOT out!

Okay so it is a brand new day and one of the many great lessons I have learned from Dr Tim on Excess Baggage is to not go down for the count but to fight on, [more]

Down but definitely NOT out! Down but definitely NOT out!

What I like about Darryn Lyons

Darryn Lyons the epicenter of one of the worst and best few weeks of my life. And you will have to watch the show, weeknights at 7pm to see it play out, but for now... [more]

What I like about Darryn Lyons What I like about Darryn Lyons

2012 in 2012

Fitness challenge - tell me your plan to complete 2012 kilometers of exercise in 2012 and you could win a brand new polar watch heart rate monitor! [more]

2012 in 2012 2012 in 2012

Cover (up) Girl!

“Oh wow some random celebrity has the very same bikini as me”. I can’t see the face of the alleged celebrity cause there is a big box across their face,  [more]

Cover (up) Girl! Cover (up) Girl!

It’s time to cut the crap!

Okay so it’s a new year and I am very excited. Someone sent me this clip of Excess Baggage and I loved it. So funny! Having been a part of Biggest Loser [more]

It’s time to cut the crap! It’s time to cut the crap!

Drop The Plus – in my own words

A month ago I had a rather, um, dramatic outburst on Instagram about a beautiful young model who, to me, looked healthy and if anything, really quite fit, but was referred to as a “plus sized” model. I voiced my opinion that it was crazy and dangerous to refer to her that way, and after…

Hater’s don’t need to hate

        (Please excuse glitch that has paragraphs running together..I can’t seem to fix it for now) A few days ago someone posted a link to my Facebook of an article published in Australia and subsequently online. It was titled “50 Australians we love to hate.” It was “supported” by quotes from Fiona…

Fashion Forward Life Backward

I was about to sit down and write about Dolce & Gabbana-gate when I stumbled upon a friend’s facebook post. It was simple and thoughtful and said everything I wanted to say only better than how I may have said it. So here it is: “The chances of me owning anything by Dolce & Gabbana…

You can’t body shame me!

It’s interesting how quickly one simple comment or photo can turn into a village witch trial with Chinese whispers and lazy writers adding fuel to the fire by not only NOT fact checking, but simply making things up, distorting the truth with a few select words, turning something very innocent into something dirty and disgusting….

Perez Hilton is a big fat fake!

First of all I am going to preface this rave with a note about bullying……having an opinion about someone or something is NOT bullying. Disagreeing with someone is NOT bullying. Not liking someone or something and even having a say about it is NOT bullying. I am all into free speech. There is a huge…

Taking the bite out of Bullying in The Big Apple!

I can’t tell you how sweet it is to see this picture of my anti bullying panel at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo up in New York for all the world to see thanks to the Nasdaq #IgniteYourAmbition campaign. I started The Kapowies when my son Kai was bullied four years ago. It has taken me…

Happy National Thanksgiving Mo(u)rning

It’s no secret. I’m an Aussie living in the weird and wonderful Americas. I love it. I love that almost every week there is some reason to celebrate. I love that Americans party, celebrate, dress up and generally just wring every moment of happiness out of life as they can, rich or poor, they come…

What took me so long to get back into acting?

  I’m extremely excited to be back in the acting game, not because I used to love it but because it signifies a significant healing in my life. I was young when I spent my first years out of high school at the Australian Academy of Dramatic Arts. I loved every single day of college….

Give someone a hand up or kick them while they’re down?

Got a lot to say this week so let’s start with this one. Earlier this week a tabloid reporter reached out to me and asked me to interview about my son and a certain situation he is in right now. I asked for a few days but they couldn’t wait and tore things off my…

The Business of being Kim K

        “But here is the MOST important thing we need to be saying, especially to kids. You can’t break the internet. You can’t undo putting your vagina, ass and boobs out there for everyone to see….. The internet is forever and forever is a long long long time.”   Dear Every girl who…